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Corporate Learning

The Critical Elements of Implementing Learning and Training Programs

by Charlie Gillette on February 29, 2012

Kevin Costner was told in Field of Dreams, “build it and they will come”. This mindset may work for an Iowa corn farmer and a baseball team, but it will NOT work for Learning and Training Programs.

Increase Channel Effectiveness through Partner Certifications and Trainings

by Dan Blau on April 20, 2011

Channel Services Group (CSG) and Knowledge Anywhere have partnered to develop a strategic offering to increase vendors’ revenue stream through effective, easy-to-manage training and certification programs. This offering helps accelerate the adoption of certifications and trainings, ensuring partners are fully equipped to successfully up-sell and cross-sell vendor products.

SEIU Healthcare NW Training Partnership Extends Training for Home Care Aides with Online Learning System

by Dan Blau on February 8, 2011

The SEIU Healthcare NW Training Partnership launched their online training initiative for Home Care Aides this month. These online courses complement the Training Partnership’s existing and well-regarded classroom courses, allowing the organization to reach a large, diverse audience with information on topics ranging from blood-borne pathogens to nutritious cooking.

4A’s Launches “Digital Landscape” Online Training Program to Help Agencies Keep Pace With Rapidly Changing Digital Communications

by Charlie Gillette on September 16, 2010

The Digital Landscape, a comprehensive online training program designed to help advertising and media agencies keep pace with the ever-changing tools, terminology and applications of digital communications is being launched today by the 4A’s. Aimed at beginners as well as veterans across a full spectrum of industry disciplines, this unique e-learning program will help 4A’s agency members integrate digital thinking into the work they do for clients.

Improving On-The-Job Training with LMS and e-Learning Tools

by Mary Polley-Berte on May 29, 2009

Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and e-Learning authoring tools can help with all parts of on-the-job training. Depending on your organization’s needs, you can use an LMS to track and manage one or more parts of the OJT process.

Helping your Training Organization Survive and Thrive Through the Recession

by Charlie Gillette on May 15, 2009

Charlie Gillette, CEO of the leading eLearning company, Knowledge Anywhere discusses techniques to keep training organizations thriving through the recession.

Considerations When Integrating a Learning Management System (LMS) with

by Stuart Campbell on March 23, 2009

This article outlines some important major benefits, as well as considerations to take when using

The Online “Training” Myth

by Patrick T. Malone on March 5, 2009

Online “training” is acceptable and even preferred when the desired outcome is to educate.
Doing the real training is required and perfectly feasible, even with large groups of people when the desired outcome is acquiring skill and proficiency.

28 Web Conference Training Tips

by Mary Polley-Berte on February 19, 2009

Learning to use web conferencing technology is pretty easy, but there is a lot more to training via web conference than just putting on a headset, dialing up an audio‐conferencing bridge, and logging onto the application.

Four Things to Consider Before You Decide to Write Yourself

by Doug Wieringa on January 15, 2009

It is important to ask yourself four main questions before writing and developing e-learning content.