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Collegiate/Academic Learning

The Online “Training” Myth

by Patrick T. Malone on March 5, 2009

Online “training” is acceptable and even preferred when the desired outcome is to educate.
Doing the real training is required and perfectly feasible, even with large groups of people when the desired outcome is acquiring skill and proficiency.

Learn and Save Brings Savings and Tutorials To Consumers and Companies Alike

by Dan Blau on January 8, 2009

New Consumer-Oriented Site Provides Financial Relief in the New Year. Learn And Save provides thousands of how-to tutorials paired with great consumer coupons.

Ready for Online Distance Education? Read These 10 Rules First

by Mary Jackson on October 3, 2008

Thinking of online distance education? There are 10 rules you should probably consider.

How to Ace the College Interview

by Bill McCumber on October 3, 2008

Students are often intimidated by the college interview process largely because they dont know what theyre getting into. Do it right, and you get a big leg up in the admission process.

Which Type of Education is Better: Online or Traditional?

by Harris Jhosta on October 3, 2008

With the rise in the popularity of the internet over the last ten years, the world we live in has been redefined many times. Many of the things that we used to take for granted have completely changed.

Why Are More Adults Turning to Online Education?

by Harris Jhosta on October 3, 2008

Over the last few years, online education has become a very popular concept. There are literally thousands of adults who have chosen to improve their lives by turning to online education.

How to Plan Your Degree In-Line With Your Career Path

by Jullie Harvard on October 3, 2008

Today, the job market the job market is become extremely competitive, you need to stay continuous to upgrade yourself and equip with the necessary knowledge and experience to compete in this challenging job market. Learn how to plan your degree against your career aim for a brighter future.

Career Training for Older Women

by Susan West on October 3, 2008

The world is a different place now and if you are an older woman seeking new career training, you are in a position to take advantage of all the career training options available.

Education For The 21st Century: Distance Learning

by John Chaplin on October 3, 2008

Distance learning involves participation in classes and academic coursework when one lives and works in a location that is far removed from the school which is offering the course in which you are enrolled. Computer technology makes all of this possible – and the Internet serves as the ‘channel’ of communication and information exchange.