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Blended Learning

Helping your Training Organization Survive and Thrive Through the Recession

by Charlie Gillette on May 15, 2009

Charlie Gillette, CEO of the leading eLearning company, Knowledge Anywhere discusses techniques to keep training organizations thriving through the recession.

The Online “Training” Myth

by Patrick T. Malone on March 5, 2009

Online “training” is acceptable and even preferred when the desired outcome is to educate.
Doing the real training is required and perfectly feasible, even with large groups of people when the desired outcome is acquiring skill and proficiency.

Four Things to Consider Before You Decide to Write Yourself

by Doug Wieringa on January 15, 2009

It is important to ask yourself four main questions before writing and developing e-learning content.

Learn and Save Brings Savings and Tutorials To Consumers and Companies Alike

by Dan Blau on January 8, 2009

New Consumer-Oriented Site Provides Financial Relief in the New Year. Learn And Save provides thousands of how-to tutorials paired with great consumer coupons.

10 Instructional Design Tips for e-Learning Development

by Steve Pena on October 22, 2008

Understanding your learners’ needs, and applying common sense to meet them, will dramatically improve your training programs.

Career Training for Older Women

by Susan West on October 3, 2008

The world is a different place now and if you are an older woman seeking new career training, you are in a position to take advantage of all the career training options available.